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The word special is defined as better, greater or otherwise different from what is usual. I love the way that describes Katie. When she was born in 2003, I could not accept the different part of that definition. I wanted normalcy, I wanted what I had dreamed of my entire life. But as always God knows what we need and Katie is it…she is my purpose on this earth. She has many challenges like trying to walk, not speaking, seizures, tube feedings, vision impairment…but God has told me so many times throughout her life, “She is perfect, she is exactly who she is supposed to be”. Katie has a job to do on this earth and that is to spread God’s love.

baseball daddy

My husband Andy is a very hands on, goofy, fun loving guy. Our kids adore him! I am told almost daily that he is an amazing man and he is…I am blessed to be traveling this road with such an incredible co-pilot!

7 thoughts on “Meet Our Family

  1. Bob Martignoni

    Good job and great site Cindy. Though I don’t have kids, I look forward to reading more and drawing even more inspiration than I have just from being a “bystander” observing how well you and Andy have done on this journey.

  2. Kristi Angel

    You are so amazing! You and your family are such inspiration to find only the good in life! I’m sure your blog will help so many people find solace and hope. You write beautifully and I’m so proud to be your friend! 🙂
    Love you girl and miss you so much!
    XO and Love to you and your whole beautiful family!

  3. Laurie Johnston

    My heart soars to know that you are the special parents that Katie has chosen. God was your match maker for such a glorious reason……..LOVE!

  4. Kim

    You and your family are a blessing to all who cross your paths. I love watching your beautiful children grow up! You and Andy are an inspiration to me and my family. Bless you and your family!


  5. Laura Davis

    Wow Cindy! I am just now getting a chance to read this. You are an incredible writer and I know this blog will help other people in our “club.” 🙂 We all love Katie Bug and I am so glad God put you in our lives. Who knew that one day Andy and Chris would be able to share something like this in common? Thanks for sharing your feelings with us. Keep up the great writing! Love you and your family to pieces. Laura Davis 🙂


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