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This blog has been written in my head for years, but God has continued to tell me to share. The name comes from a story I read a long time ago. It was comparing being a parent of a child with special needs to taking a trip. Let’s say a trip to Italy, in preparation you study everything there is to know about Italy, you learn to speak italian, you study the climate and pack the perfect clothes, you make reservations at the best hotels and you book tours of the country. You board your flight and when you land the stewardess says, “Welcome to China”. WHAT??? You know nothing about China, you don’t even know how to speak the language, your suitcase is full of clothes for Italy. What do people in China do for fun? You don’t know where to sleep because you have no reservations.

lAWhen you discover the plans you made were all for nothing and you are completely lost, you have to re-route your GPS. Make a new plan, learn new information and fall in love with a whole new way of life. This blog is about my journey re-routing my GPS and how I found Gods purpose for Special Needs. The purpose in my perfect little girl!

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